My Ipad is no more (why do I miss it so much?)

You might glance at the title and move on: banal, trifling, inconsequential, clichéd, trite, well-worn, you might think. Adjectives are powerful qualifiers. They can damn and skewer just as effectively as they praise. Here’s some more of them: Heartbroken, wide-eyed, incredulous, insecure and somewhat aggrieved. 

That was pretty much me for a day or two this week.

Some background:

A couple of days ago I accepted that the battery on my ipad needed replacing. That part was straightforward. The procedure involved resetting the device, returning it to factory settings, the erasure of all content and swapping it for another ipad. No problem. I backed everything up and went to get the battery changed with an air of indifference. Just one of those occasional necessary distractions. 

The battery replacement was a success, and arriving home again I hooked the ipad up to reload its content. 

“Corrupt backup file”, was the screen message. Some instants engrave themselves on your consciousness. Heart-sinking is an appropriate adjective. Incomprehension dissolved quickly into dread, and then just as quickly into anger. I am not nice to know at such times, suffice to say.

The second worst thing was realising how much stuff I had lost. The worst was when I couldn’t remember exactly which files had vanished. Gigabytes of music, photos, business and travel documents, passwords and poems had found their way onto my ipad, and I had grown complacent. I had allowed the device to carry my life inside it.

I know, I know. The fault is mine. A better back up system yada yada. 

So anyway, hours of recovery work has put my music, my apps, and most of my photos onto the new ipad. The rest doesn’t bear thinking about as I have given up ever finding it. I guess I will learn what was important when I need it and can’t find it.

But enough recriminations and techno babble. What has become pretty obvious to me is that I had become way too invested in a device that had wormed its way into my life. 

I’m writing this on my new ipad, but I’m a wiser man now. No more trust. No more complacency. Perhaps most important of all is no more dependency! I no longer trust the creature and while I will continue to use one, I won’t ever again allow it to carry so much of me and mine around. 

You’ve blown it ipad! You’re a tool; a device. You wanted to take over, little by little, file by file, password by password, contact by contact, but this sucker has woken up to your game. From now on you work for me!

I was already suspicious of Siri and distrustful of cloud storage, not to mention apps and search engines like facebook and google that pry into personal preferences and use them in marketing. I am more so now. Truly disturbing when you think about how they use our information. I’m warming to the idea of mounting a guerilla resistance by denying them access or misleading them wherever I can. 

Well, that’s the revolutionary in me asserting itself. I don’t suspect facebook or google will be overly concerned, but sometimes gestures matter.

So I guess, what began as a technology disaster has started me on a quest to reclaim control of my life.

Wish me luck.


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