The capital city of the Republic of Georgia has created vivid memories of taste, spirituality and culture for me. Ones that won't leave me alone. Tbilisi n particular has touched something in me. I'm not sure what it is, but I know I want to return someday, as unlikely as that will be.
It's not a place you go to on a whim, without going to a lot of trouble. Not that Georgians are unfriendly or unhelpful! Not at all, and quite the opposite. Neither is Tbilisi such a strange alien place that it has a forbidding air. As you walk the streets, aspects of the familiar flit past all the time, in amongst and beside the delicious, the delightful, the intoxicating and the exotic.
So I'm not totally sure why Georgia, and in particular its capital, has invaded my imagination, but it has.
It's not on any regular travel route for western tourists. To make it there you need to really want to go. Unusual airport connections are just the start. Language and communication are also a challenge, but no more than many other places more familiar to western tourists. English is spoken, but not widely, or I might say, confidently. That's no criticism by the way. I do not think many westerners could hold their own in the Georgian language either! The distinctive Georgian alphabet script may not be a big surprise to you, but it was to me; a bewildering, fascinating surprise. It has no noticeable connection to anything I have seen before; so different from roman or cyrillic, or arabic, or practically anything! Beautiful nonetheless! It is a poet's script: the curves and curls of its letters entrance you, conveying transcental meanings to the soul.
Here is a sample. I have no idea what its translation is. I hope it is not offensive to anyone who can read it.
Georgian Script sample
I have selected some images (not all technically great) which convey sonething of the romance of this city and its culture. I hope you enjoy them. Perhaps you might be interested enough to visit yourself?
Tbilisi, Georgia. You are in my mind and won't leave. Good, I think, that there are still places like you in the world.