A Lazy Walk in Tuscany

Not many things top a lazy stroll down back roads of rural Tuscany. Pick the quieter, unsealed ones though; where sharp eared farm dogs announce your approach and run out to greet you, tails wagging. They will most probably be unsealed, and any car that interrupts the serenity will be travelling slowly enough for a 'bon giorno' as it passes.
At this time of year (September) the walking is best in the early afternoon. The air is warm and the sun is kind. Mid summer would be a different proposition; far too hot to want to leave a shady verandah, I suspect. In early autumn though, much of the fruit is still on the trees and the leaves haven't yet begun to brown and fall.
Rich red tomatoes hanging heavily on trellises. Succulent purple plums, unpicked or scattered, fermenting under trees. Green olives in their thousands still on the trees. Last season's walnuts on the ground where you walk, too far gone now to eat. Delicious figs begging to be picked and eaten. This land is is biblical in its providence.
Prosperous farm houses pop up regularly along the walk, and once in a while, a church or a winery can be seen through the greenery. Walking in this country is a rare blessing. You lose all sense of time as you marvel at the beauty around you, and the cares of the world don't seem to be important at all. For a few hours, while you walk through this agricultural Eden, anything is possible and nothing is necessary.

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