Wanting to Write about the Martyrs of Charleston

I hope you do not mind my reposting this John. Your words are so full of gentleness and humility. I spend so much time and energy raging within myself about the ugliness and stupidity of politics. I have felt myself beginning to drift into hopelessness when, quite frequently lately, I realise no one much sees the world as I do, or cares what I think anyway. Sometime in the next few hours I will post some thoughts in response to what you have written. I thought it a good idea so that readers would know to what it is I am responding. Peace to you. Rob

A Napper's Companion

Dear Napper’s Companions,

Toward the end of May, kind and thoughtful Mary sent me an email that has stayed with me. I had posted a newspaper column I wrote over a decade ago about the prospect of the United States bombing Iraq. Here’s most of Mary’s response:

I came home from my job . . . here in Asheville where you and I briefly met and realized that I have not read A Napper’s Companion in a while. It was a treat to read your posts all at once in the silence of my living room while my husband flipped through The Mountain Express and my Pug snored contentedly.

I enjoyed all of them except the political one, but it got me thinking. I think the political system is broken, because we are. I think we should all step back and let go of our identifying with political parties…

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  1. Hi, Rob. I’m glad that post worked for you. Thanks much for reposting. I look forward to your thoughts. Peace, John

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