Another poem that found its way onto the blog:


(My photograph taken in the Lego Shop in Copenhagen. I will leave it up to you to decide if it is relevant)


Stand back or dive in?

Paint pretty pictures for the world to see

or hang out your laundry for visitors to sift through?

Bring it your triumphs,

your sadnesses,

your loves,

your disappointments?

Say things best kept to yourself?

Seductively, secretly and sediciously,

it beckons us on and inward.

It gathers and stores without comment.


Do it all on facebook.



A feel-good gesture costs nothing

but hints at vacuousness.

Je suit Charlie

Save the planet.


with what?

with whom?

Bring world peace.

Abolish intolerance.

Repost and show your concern

with the press of a button.


Do it all on facebook.



Mining a rich vein of need

it grows rich.

Meanwhile it reflects us back on ourselves.

It laughs at us behind its hand

with contempt at our pretensions.

It holds up our vanities and insecurities;

smirks at our shallowness, our hypocrisy.

It advertises our self-centredness to the world.

Not even the casual callous nastiness

we might prefer to keep under wraps

gets by without an airing.


Do it all on facebook.



Our banality lifts its cover

and broadcasts itself on facebook.

It is scrupulously honest, but we are not.

It mislays nothing,

even as we prefer to forget our transgressions.

It is fearless and relentless.

Quietly and gently it takes away from us what matters most:

Our privacy and genuine intimacy.

Chasing the illusion of community

we chase 'likes' in lieu of kisses and hugs

and validation in lieu of conversation.






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