Inspiration aplenty on Berlin’s Museum Insel

We have just cone home from a day on our feet, wandering through 5 museums in Berlin. We had visited the Pergamon Museum and the Bode Museum before. Both are impressive beyond words. This time we spent most of our time in some others: The Neues Museum; The Alte National Gallery; The Altes Museum; and the Deutches Historisches Museum. We bought a Museum card that gave us admission to as many museums as we could fit into one day.

Cliches will be hard to avoid. These places are national treasures of Germany and before we knew it, we had spent the entire day wandering through them in wonder and admiration. If they are not, individually and collectively, already on a world heritage register somewhere, they should be.

I had expected the day to be a bit of a drag. I do like museums but after an hour or so in most of them I have had enough. I am exhibiting all the signs of over stimulation (that Sue habitually chooses to ignore) and am looking for a place to sit over a coffee. Sue, in contrast, reads every note and label on every exhibit, or so it seems to me when I get fidgety and try to accelerate progress towards the exit.

The day was not long. It was a delight. We kept turning to each other, telling ourselves how lucky we were to be enjoying what was on offer. I haven't put a caption on most of the photos in this post; mainly because I didn't pay enough attention. I was too busy lifting my jaw off the floor at the beauty and the magnificence I was encountering.

(Egyptian Sarcofagi)

(The reconstructed Ishtar Gate from Babylon)

As the daylight began to fade so did we. Eight hours on foot on hard floors tends to catch up with one, but I was amazed at how quickly the day had gone. Two hundred photos between us! Only space for a few here.

It was dark outside as we prepared to leave. Only a few Meercats seemed interested in Sue as she took a break before the walk in the rain and train ride home.

Today took us from Neolithic Mesopotamia through Ancient Greece and Rome, Medieval Europe, the Reformation, The Enlightenment, to recent German history. The section on twentieth century history of Germany brought tears to both our eyes as we made our way through the Nazi dictatorship to Allied occupation and the division of the country to finish with a video of the crowd singing the German national anthem at the time of Reunification. Neither of us will soon forget what we planned as a 'fill-in' day at the end of our holiday. We were wrong. Just goes to show that life has its share of pleasant surprises.

I normally like to share spiritual and emotional insights from days like this, but there were so many that I feel a little over stimulated at the moment. I think it might be a better idea if I open a cold beer instead.










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