I’m trying to communicate some recent personal spiritual experiences in these photographs. Each of them brought an appreciation of things hidden from a casual gaze. All of them were taken yesterday in Marburg, Germany with a Canon G1X digital camera.

The first is a juxtaposition of encompassing tradition and bright celebration in the Lutherische Pfarrkirche in Marburg, Germany. I didn’t see it at first, concentrating instead on the stained glass window. The two objects together communicate as neither could separately.

The second was taken in the same church. The ascending doves would have transported me into a different space and time if I had taken the time to consider them more closely:

The third was taken in St Elisabeth’s Kirche in the same town, just as the last light of day could be seen in the windows top left, and an hour before a production of J. S. Bach’s Weinachtsoratorium was to be held. The light was gentle and welcoming: the church felt as if it were a living, breathing organism:
The fourth was taken in St Elisabeth’s Kirche at about the same time as the third. This is a colder but fascinating image carrying with it a sense of refuge and sanctuary in the midst of vague threats:

I hope these images give you a sense of my spiritual experience in this town. Whether or not they do that, I hope you appreciate the excitement I had in taking them.