Love comes unexpected

The inner child sits cross-legged,
fists clenched;
issues self regarding tears
and casts around
to fill an inner void.

The inner child fakes love
unworthy of the name;
a toy tossed and turned
with giggles and delight;
but soon mundane, discarded,
out of sight.

The inner child is unattractive;
shoved down, concealed, addictive.
Can’t grasp the concept
but stops to wonder
as another looks on
and touches tender.

Pursued as a missing piece
to compensate,
love is featherweight.
Aimed at conquest, it misses the point;
just play acting;
dressed up in big people’s clothes.

Love comes unexpected,
outside of games,
A tap of insight
reverses the me-you order
and bids entry to life.

Love comes unexpected,
outside of games,
It surprises, and evades our grip.
Simple as today;
mysterious as eternity.


Time for a change with travel posts coming soon. We will be in Germany, Denmark and Poland from the end of next week until Christmas, so you can expect a few posts with a travel flavour. 🙂