North West Coast of Scotland

Near Mallaig.

Just glancing through some memories of last year’s holiday in Scotland and thought I would share these. The North West Coast is perhaps our favourite place in the world (although, to be fair, we have quite a few favourite places). This part of Scotland, where you can look out towards the Hebrides is somewhere that will restore the soul, if you have even a scrap of one left, that is. It is a deeply spiritual place that stays with you long after you’ve left it.
Hope you enjoy the photographs.


Buchel etive mohr (hope the spelling is right), the majestic herdsman at the entrance to Glen Coe.


Near Rhua Rheidh Lighthouse, Gairloch.

Near the village of Achiltibuie, north of Ullapool.

A ‘Graham’ in the Wester Ross. 20140723-170540-61540575.jpg

Loch Linnie 20140723-170544-61544244.jpg

Loch Maree, near Gairloch20140723-170546-61546179.jpgThe Secret Valley at Glen Coe.


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