Missing in Action

Friday found me left untended.
My mind took leave, and wandered
off to pick flowers.
Which on reflection,
was a short lived dereliction.
A nonchalant return, we resumed our walk.

Home from overnight hospital.
A minor matter – a possible relation
to that afternoon’s experience,
though I have no supporting evidence,
just effects of medication.

Woke from a quick morning nap, still tired,
thoughts jumbled and mired:
A Physical Therapist appointment!
Need to make one at this moment!
The car and I then zoomed off to folly.
Too soon. Half an hour early,
said the slightly startled receptionist.
It’s ok I said and slumped into a chair
to wait, and wait. Sleepy eyes.

Slid further down in the chair until horizontal nearly,
I don’t think they understood I had merely
found myself unexpectedly without my customary
friend and guide:
My rational mind.

When eventually I was ushered in
I was quite unequal to the spin
which was rotating and revolving.
The poor girl did a good job of solving
my muscular aches and pains.
She was also gentle and kind
to one not sure where he’d left his mind.

I was feeling foolish.
The sort of foolish,
staff in Aged Care wish
they weren’t served as a daily dish.

I think they were relieved
payment being received
I left them to their Friday afternoon.
It seems I went in temporarily
but no way voluntarily without my rationality.
Felt naked for a while, vulnerable, no style.
What a blessing, normality returning!
A lesson worth the learning.

In that hour or so I met
people who were kind and sympathetic,
with grace I won’t forget.
Doing stuff too soon post anaesthetic;
hospital advice that now I get.


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