A Prayer for God’s Children Falling from the Sky

John, I also am deeply affected by this latest atrocity. I share your empathy and your vivid imagination unfortunately. Every flight for me I wonder about all the hypotheticals. I wonder just how fragile our lives are and how little we count in the wider scheme of things, and then inevitably I take refuge with my God, trusting in his grace and mercy and knowing that whatever happens he thinks I am worthy. I think I will publish this comment above your post in my own blog. Hope you don’t mind. You have a way of saying what I would have liked to if I had put some thought into it.
All of those people lost as if they counted for nothing. I am saddened.

A Napper's Companion

Dear God,

I heard first that 295 of your daughters and sons were killed on the Malaysian Airlines flight shot down over Ukraine today. Now the number is 298. Ah well, three more souls, no big deal.

Gracious One, what’s happening to us? We can’t seem to stop blowing each other up. Let’s see: Amish school girls, Connecticut first graders and teachers, Colorado folks out to catch a movie, and just yesterday, four boys playing soccer on a Gaza beach.

And now, almost three hundred of your children fall from the sky. I confess, their descent haunts me. You know, I hate flying. While in flight, I imagine the plane nose down, spiraling toward the earth. On impact, my face and chest smash into the seat in front of me. It would happen so fast I wouldn’t experience any pain, but in my nightmare I feel it all.

And I’ve…

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