Two Poems

The first I have written in a very long time. A rhyming dictionary is a wonderful thing! What a fun way to spend an afternoon. The two photos are mine.
I hope you enjoy them. I loved writing them.


Two young daughters long since grown.
Warmed by love now deep sown.
Surprised by love when you were born,
you loved me back, showed me warm.

Looking now, I don’t know how
fading colour could bring joy but other
than that which surges when memory emerges
of two gigglers who trusted, and loved me into life.

Mothers now, you both allow
a love that has no complication
Healing, hoeing, sowing, growing.
There for every generation.

I smile inside when I spend the while
with your children on the floor.
I see the truth and can’t ignore
the fading photos underscore
what was once, but is now no more.


Beyond the day, behind the light.
Holy Spirit now in sight.
Prince of patience, holy essence, why in darkness come to mind?
Am I blind at other times?

Standing here I see clear, all that matters now and ever.
Sages, seeers, none so clever
Have a clue, the works forever
concealed in light.
You do. And I do. Tonight.

Stay, please stay,
Come morning and the day.

I yearn to grasp what you would teach,
To know myself, my special niche.
But . . .
I turn away, as I always do.
There’s much in me you could subdue.


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