Mama Jumbe’s Facebook Site

Mama Jumbe’s Facebook site found its way to my facebook page this morning. I have copied it here:


“Nothing to see here. Just 234 girls that were abducted from school 2 weeks ago that nobody is talking about.
It’s not the Malaysian Flight 370 or Sandy Hook Elementary, so the media hasn’t deemed this must-see TV. But parents who can’t sleep have taken machetes to cut through the country side to look for their daughters with no luck, diminishing hope, and no voice to be heard by the rest of the world.”

Rob’s editorial

Boko Haram Muslim extremists have claimed responsibility for kidnapping over 200 secondary school girls in one attack in Nigeria last month. In the last couple of days one of their leaders has appeared on a video taunting authorities and the girls’ families. He seemed very pleased with himself. Apparently Allah told him to take the girls. Allah has also told him it is ok to sell them on to slavery, according to a credible source – himself. What a croc!

And the response from the world?
Studied silence; hands over ears.

. . . Interesting just how flexible and relative is our threshold for moral outrage. I can’t help thinking, if it had involved some westerner’s rights or entitlements being under threat, the frothing at the mouth would now be well underway.

Where is the outrage from Muslims at what some of their more extreme brothers have done in their name?

Where is the response from Nigerian authorities to ensure the safety of their own citizens?

Where is the West? The snatch teams? The attack helicopters?

Where is the condemnation from the usual suspects who normally jump all over human rights abuses?

These poor kids are presumably Christians, and thereby it seems, invisible to professional hand wringers in the western world. Their human rights are just a theoretical construct it seems; to be ignored when it suits. Their ‘crime’ was to want to go to school to sit for their exams.

A criminal gang broke into their school and snatched them away at gunpoint. I don’t want to think about what they have endured since then. Neither do their families; their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, who are left with a black bottomless chasm at the centre of their lives. No one wants to listen. They are on their own. I think of my own daughters when they were at school and I want to hurt the scum who took them.
Two hundred young kids treated like expendable goods, and the western world’s outrage meter is not even registering.

It’s not just sad. It’s appalling. Our hypocrisy stinks! Our confected outrage at any number of other causes is shown for just it is: selective, convenient and expendable.

I feel a rising anger at the pious hypocrisy which is at the heart of our western culture. We deserve the contempt in which we are held by those who are presently working to undermine and destroy us and our way of life.

Maybe its not anger that I feel. Maybe I’m just ashamed.


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  1. Anger and shame, brother. There is much I love about America, but there’s also a saying that fits: “We don’t mind throwing people overboard. We just don’t want to hear the splash.” The Nigerian girls are no problem, since we didn’t even throw them overboard. I’m thinking of you, joining with you to keep hoping in spite of all concrete evidence. John

  2. Good on you John. No doubt I will get over it and return to my usual urbane, even tempered, charming self. Not sure whether those kids will though.

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