Give me a ship . . . Well, a reason to stay really.


Pointe de l’Arcouest, Brittany, France.

Give me a small boat and I would stay on here (well, theoretically anyway). Fishing, taking tourists for day trips or whatever, swapping stories and sitting with locals discussing the questions of life (but I would need to learn French first – something of an obstacle but I do now have maybe 30 words in my useable vocabulary so that’s a start).
Just let me dream.
Meanwhile we wait in our hotel at Airport Charles de Gaulle near Paris for our departure back to the everyday. The good news is our family and friends await. I miss them. I wouldn’t really want to stay here, but sometimes a place touches you deeply. This was one of those times. We were only here for an hour or so, on a random drive along the coast on our final day. Granite and kelp, and lighthouses in the midst of fast running tides – awesome! (I use the word in the way it was used before it become debased).
Driving away we were both conscious of a type of loss in some way, but maybe I should let Sue speak for herself.

Thanks for reading my reflections from our trip so far. There may be a few more to come in the next few weeks. We will see.

Tip: if you visit here you will need to hire a car. Make sure you get a small, narrow one. It will make for a calmer experience on the lane-ways that can pass for roads. Sue said I did well to hit the kerb only twice. I am mortified. My manhood (which naturally is defined by my driving skill) is in question.

Bonsoir. Au revoir, for now.


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