I’m booking in for an extra week. I won’t hear of any arguments. Then again perhaps a week is not quite what is needed.
If I were not such a sophisticated and terribly modern chap I might say I’d died and gone to heaven. Perros Guirec, a coastal town along the coast in Brittany west from St Malo. Aching, elusive beauty and wonder intermixed. Another gift for the unwrapping! How do the French do it? Keep such a delight out of the public gaze? Is it to keep it for themselves? They seem to have succeeded, as we haven’t heard too many foreign accents this afternoon – all French (and perhaps a smattering of Breton). Bliss! And then there is the seductive experience of wandering carefree up and down lanes, houses obviously for wealthy locals, around and about until we reach one of the several beaches here, checking out potential dining spots at restaurants tucked along the way.
The journey here was an experience in itself. Sixt car rental swapped a larger Peugot 5008 diesel for the Polo we ordered. No problems thanks to GPS and my wife’s expert map navigation, but I would caution anyone trying to reach here without at least one of the above to assist. It’s not as easy as it looks on the map. On the way we couldn’t pass up the chance to visit Mont St Michel, which was 40 or so km in the opposite direction from St Malo, but well worth the deviation.


I hope the photo does it justice – very touristy and, in my view, debased by commercialism, but who am I to criticise. People need to make a living. Moving, riveting, and impressive nonetheless. A must visit I think.
But back to Perros Guirec. We have parked the car and it will not be moved again until we leave on Thursday. Day walks and lots of photography seem to be on the menu. What a find!

Life is too short. Soon we will be flying back home, and while both of us are looking forward to that, we feel a twinge of regret that all this will soon come to an end.
This evening we will dine downstairs in our Hotel overlooking an untroubled sea and closeby islands. This is part of the ‘Pink Granite’ coast of Brittany. Tomorrow will happen as it happens. We have been blessed on and by this holiday. I don’t understand why, and am not sure we deserve it but am grateful and humbled anyway. Sometimes, along with all the other stuff of life, this happens too. 🙂





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