From next week Sue and I will be on tour again. This time it’s Northern England, the western highlands of Scotland, southern Ireland and Brittany. Travelling so late in the season we figure we’ll miss the crowds, leaving time to soak up the lively culture and sublime beauty of the homelands of our celtic sisters and brothers. At least that’s the plan. “Soak” might be prophetic as I hear the weather is pretty changeable at this time of year.

As usual we will travel by ourselves, avoiding bus tours and the like. It’s not that we’re antisocial. Well, that might have something to do with it. I have been known to have a very short attention span as tour guides explain the intricacies of this monument and that street corner. In short, to be truthful, I am a bit of a problem child on organised tours and as a result we have learned to avoid them. Anyway, it’s much more fun to travel below the radar. Admittedly, with a camera and an unmistakeable accent, we may as well wear a ‘tourist’ badge.

With a new camera and an optimistic view of my ability to capture the spirit of far away places I am looking forward to this trip. You can look forward to a few armchair traveller posts in the coming weeks.

Another theme that won’t let go of me is fitting a handle on a Christian view of life, existence and meaning, that readers can identify with. I’m not interested in prescribing or controlling anyone else, just expressing the insights that have been given to me. Who knows, one of these days soon I might write something that brings an ‘aha’ moment to someone else. Thanks for bearing with me in my quest to write such a piece.

Life is a gift. Life is good.