It seems I have worked at stuff all my life; chased prizes; flitted and flotted mothlike around all manner of glittering lights. At any time, if you had asked, I would have listed what really mattered most in life. It wasn’t as if I didn’t know it in an intellectual sort of way. It’s just that other stuff always got in the way and demanded priority.
While I should have had the sense to chase what mattered most, I can see that I set my compass too often on other bearings. In the end most of it turned out to be shifting sands and floating mirages; a royal waste of time.

Eventually faith found me.
Never far and always there for the seeking, I had turned away from faith early on; never really rejecting it but finally it needed to shake me up a bit before taking my hand.

So, what are those things that are most important? Just one of them led me to write this.

Nothing I have ever experienced has come close to seeing a grandchild running towards me with arms outstretched.

Life is good.


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