The sum of the parts


This last weekend my wife and I attended a group planning session, which isn’t in itself something I would normally write about here. One of the activities we joined in with felt pretty scary at the time. We each had to paint a small square canvas using acrylic paints following a few seemingly random rules. Neither of us lay any claim to expertise in this area so the task was not approached with any great degree of confidence. I am pretty certain no one else approached it without feeling apprehensive either.
Anyway, the message that was brought home to us is that in this case at least, the whole was definitely greater than the sum of the parts.
What a wonderful advertisement for the benefits of cooperative effort! Well we think so!
No, you will not find it easy to guess which one was mine. It doesn’t matter really. Twenty odd adults worked silently and intently for 30 minutes to produce something greater than any of them could do by themselves.
Working together. What a wonderful lesson!


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