Does God need our permission to exist?

This was published today on a blog site I follow known as ‘Argus’ by AJC Akehurst who writes occasionally for the Quadrant magazine website. I thought it was worth repeating:


Whenever I am confronted with the question of the existence of God – really the only question of any enduring consequence – I ask myself which is the more likely: that everything that exists (and much more that I and everyone else do not know exists) came about by chance or that it was generated by the action of a creative force. I cannot but see that the latter is the greater probability. Probability is not certainty but it gives you something to, as it were, take a punt on, a starting point for faith. Accept it, and all the rest falls into place, philosophically, physically and theologically. This conclusion leads me to consider agnosticism a bit of a cop-out.

20 January 2013
ACJ Akehurst

I would agree and ask why God’s existence needs to be contingent upon human ability to rationalise it. We humans are a self centred lot! Maybe (as I believe) God just is – and maybe he is, whether or not we have the brain power to define or explain him.

Just perhaps, he does not await our permission to exist.
Worth thinking about . . No?


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