Once more today in the media there is a recurring and repeated (and mindless?) protest from another person accused of a felony, conspiracy or misdemeanour. “I haven’t done anything wrong” seems to be the catch-all response no matter what the context. Well it may very well be you are not guilty as charged, but please, give us a break!
Apart from sounding like something coming out of the mouth of a guilty child it is quite a stupid and vapid thing to say. Do you mean you have never done anything wrong? We can only hope you don’t really mean or believe that. Do you mean that you have not done what you are accused of? In that case why not just say so.
Please, let’s nip this emerging cliche in the bud. Apart from gobbling up and displacing more creative or entertaining responses from those who find themselves in an unwelcome spotlight, it brings feelings of nausea whenever I (frequently) hear it. Am I the only one irritated by people using this ‘defence’?

By the way, have a wonderful, merry, blessed and safe Christmas break.