Total Solar Eclipse

I have just witnessed something that was wild and beautiful. I was driving in my car for my morning coffee, determined to ignore the hype about the total solar eclipse due this morning. I smiled to myself and shook my head when I heard the weather forecast. Cloudy and showers. All those people paid all that money to come to Far North Queensland to watch something they wouldn’t be able to see. Silly people.
Anyway, the early morning sun faded very quickly and the darkness was deeper than I expected, as the street and shop lights had all been switched off for the day. It’s a bit hard to avoid cliches completely so I would say it felt eerie and a little menacing.
Then the cloud cover parted for a few moments and right there in the middle of the windscreen – the most strangely beautiful thing I expect I will ever see (ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but spectacular and moving nonetheless). The earth had a dark star menacing it. Awe inspiring and breathtaking. The Sun’s corona actually exists, and is not just found in science text books! I’m not ashamed to admit that a few tears ran down my face.
It was only a minute before the sky started to lighten again and the magic disappeared.
Only 200 odd years until the next one – unless of course I travel to the site of the next total eclipse and book accommodation!



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  1. Wonderful Rob!

    We strolled down to the beach….it was truly magnificent, and (despite the overused word) awesome.

    Interestingly, when the clouds parted and framed the totality, everyone broke into spontaneous applause and gasps….and then, as the clouds started to move back as totality was drawing to a close, the guy behind us said to his mates, “Yeh, that’d be right'” as if to say….take away from us what we’re enjoying you old b…… Fickle bunch aren’t we!! And who says there’s no ‘suppression of the Truth’ going on!



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